Volunteer for Worktree

Career WorkOut introduces students to a carousel of guests from different work backgrounds, so they can find out what it’s really like to do different jobs, in a one-hour speed-interview session. To be a volunteer work guest, book a session. All participants report positive outcomes.

How it works. You’ll join 8 or more other work guests to answer questions from small groups of 3-5 students in a carousel of 6-7 minute interviews, a bit like speed-dating! They’ll ask you open questions about your job, how you got it and what it’s been like for you. When the time is up, the students move to the next guest, and so on until the end of the session.

Who can do it. Guests can be anyone who has experience of work, including self-employment, even unemployment. A young person who has been working in a shop, or as a junior mechanic or trainee nurse for a year, is as important to this as a top manager, senior government employee or business owner. Guests are equally valuable because their impact can’t be predicted.

What you need to do. Just turn up, relax and be yourself. You don’t need to prepare anything, just answer the questions as honestly as you can. There are no right or wrong answers. Career WorkOut is easy, informative, fast-paced and fun. See Tips for volunteers.

What’s in it for you. A break from your day-to-day. A chance to inspire young people and learn about what they think. These sessions give guests a chance to say what they do for work and why, find out more about young people today and network with guests from other local businesses. It’ll make your day!

What’s in it for a company. It can help recruit new staff as well as develop current staff, especially helping them think newly about their current role and focus. It can also raise the company’s profile in the local community.